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[Showbiz Today] LEE MIN-HO TO KICK OFF GLOBAL TOUR THIS SEPTEMBER PARK HAE-JIN DEBUTS AS A FASHION DESIGNER IN CHINA [Star vs Star] JANG NA-RA VS HWANG JUNG-EUM Today's star is actress and singer Jang Na-ra, who's warm smile is beautiful like a ray of sunshine. The other celebrity is Hwang Jeong-eum, who's porcelain-like complexion and perfect figure stands out. Check out the attractive qualities of these two beautiful ladies right now! [Newcomers] ACTRESS SOHN SU-HYUN Rookie actress Sohn Su-hyun is known for her innocent and unique qualities and she was in the spotlight right from the get-go for looking like Japanese top star Aoi Yu. She is ready to tell us about how she majored in playing a traditional Korean instrument, is an ordinary student but also a rising commercial star, and a rookie actress. She's in her second year as an actress and will tell us everything about the 27 year old Sohn Su-hyun. Find out about her strong determination as an actress and her future plans right now.

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Showbiz Korea Episode 1969
Episode 1969
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Episode 1968
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Episode 1967
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Showbiz Korea Episode 1966
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Episode 1965
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Episode 1964
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