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Il-beom falls behind on his loans and need to make money as a day laborer. He needs to do everything he can for his family. Soon, Il-beom gets a job at a place that sells health food and supplement to the elderly women. He becomes a salesman to rip money from lonely women. And thus, he dances and sings for 4 hours a day, but he' s not happy. It's tough and uncomfortable for him to seduce old women and make them buy goods off of him. There's one reason why Il-beom can't stop working. It's because of his loving daughter who's sick. Il-beom is willing to do anything he can for his daughter. He's determined to touch everyone the hardships of the petit burgeois and express his desires. It's the new movie "Clown of a Salesman"

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Showbiz Korea Episode 1969
Episode 1969
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Episode 1964
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