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A tyrant begins his crazy provocations! Prince Yeonsangun of the Joseon Dynasty is a brutal tyrant, and he brings together a total of 10,000 beautiful ladies from all over Joseon. The servant Im Seung-jae is behind this scheme, and he plans to control the king through this plan. A treacherous subject is trying to become king, and the fierce fight to survive takes place. A story of a treacherous subject which wasn't known to the public unfolds. He controls the ladies to be selected by the king, and he feels desires to control the king who's going crazy. How will this secret strife in the palace end? It's the shocking, well-made period movie "The Treacherous"

8.5 (39 ratings)


Episode 2054
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2053
Episode 2053
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Showbiz Korea Episode 2052
Episode 2052
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Episode 2051
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Episode 2050
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Episode 2049
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