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Police detective Jae-gon does everything he can to solve cases. He is talented but cold-hearted. He sets out to solve one murder case... To capture the suspect, Jae-gon gets an undercover job at a nightclub where hye-gyung, the mistress of the suspect works at. Hye-gyung was a lady who was the belle of nightclubs. But now, she is full of wounds, and waits for her lover who became a muderer because of her. She couldn't afford to let her guard down. But, she didn't know Jae-gon's true identity and started feeling comfortable around him as he was always by her side. And Hye-gyung started having feelings for him... A murderer's lover and a detective. The two weren't sincere with each other, but their love for one another is true. It's the new movie "The Shameless"

8.5 (46 ratings)


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