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A serial murder case has occurred! A reporter named 'Heo Mu-hyuk' received a tip-off on a case and did an exclusive on a murder case. Everyone thought it was a huge exclusive... But! The memo on the reported murderer turns out to be a quote from the novel "Murders of Yang Chen." The exclusive turned out to be false! The cops begin to suspect something strange is going on... The company doesn't know this, and they threaten 'Mu-hyuk' to go through the follow-up report. Right then and there! A mysterious man appears, saying he knows the truth in the exclusive. Surprisingly, murder cases are unfolding just like the false report! The situation has blown up so big that there's no turning back now. Is this really possible? It's the new movie "The Exclusive: Beat the Devil's Tattoo!"

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Episode 2024
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Episode 2023
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