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The Aomori Nebuta festival is symbolic of summer in Japan. Every year from the 2nd to the 7th of August, enormous puppet lanterns parade the town of Aomori. There are specialists called ‘Nebuta masters’ that create these significant Nebuta lanterns. Within those specialists, Nebuta masters with especially high skills are looked up to as ‘Nebuta experts’, and after what has been 22 years, 2 specialists have claimed that status. They are Sakuryu Chiba and Takashi Kitamura. In this world of Nebuta masters where these 2 experts take the lead, 3 youths have made their debut, bringing with them new winds of change. Whilst placing their hopes in the young masters whom take big leaps in their work, the other Nebuta masters, with their strong backgrounds of skill and experience, face the challenge of expressing their work in new ways. This programme brings across the Nebuta master’s efforts, and their strong feelings towards inheriting such a tradition.

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