FOOD VIDEO: How to Make a White Roll Cake
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In this video, I will show you how to make a White Roll Cake. Here is the list of ingredients used -- 180g egg whites, 90g sugar, 1/2Tbsp vanilla extract, 90g cake flour, 30g vegetable oil, 450g whipped cream, 30g sugar, 20g sweetened condensed milk, and powdered sugar. Here is how you make it -- 1) While whipping up the egg whites gradually, add the sugar. 2) When whipping is done about 80 percent, add 1/2Tbsp of the vanilla extract. 3) Pour cake flour through a strainer, then gently mix with whipped egg whites and whisk to blend, but don't over-beat; it should be smooth, light and somewhat airy. 4) Mix the little bit of batter with vegetable oil and then mix it gently with rest of batter; once again, don't over-beat it as the batter should be smooth, light and somewhat airy. 5) Pour the batter into the wide pan, then flatten the batter. Heat oven to 170C (340F) bake in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. 6) While the batter is baking, get ready to whip the fresh cream. I added condensed milk in the clip but If you don't have it, just add 45g of sugar instead. 7) Allow the baked batter to cool and using this cake sheet, put on the whipped cream, then smooth with a knife and roll it. 8) Wrap the roll cake using baking paper or plastic food wrap, then cool it in the refrigerator. Also, if you don't use the vanilla extract it, might taste very eggy so make sure to mix in the vanilla extract. This cake is the best when it is served cool. Make sure before you serve it that it's cooled down completely!

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