Half-and-Half Buchimgae With Makgeolli
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Today’s menu is Buchimgae (Korean pancake) With Makgeolli (Korean rice liquor). Koreans make it custom to eat bindaetteok on a rainy day. It is probably because the sizzling sound from frying them reminds us of the sound of rain.

Usually, bindaetteok and buchimgae are translated into "Korean pancake," but I think it is more accurate to call it by its Korea name, "jeon." Jeon is basically what Koreans call vegetables, meat or seafood pan fried in batter or dry flour. The different types of jeon include buchimgae, bindaetteok and haemul (seafood) pajeon. Today, I made half-and-half buchimgae. The two flavors are the most common: kimchi and Korean chives.

Buchimgae goes well with makgeolli, a traditional Korean liquor. You may want to drink more because of the sweetness, but it’ll give you a terrible hangover!

Ingredients for 2 Buchimgae (1cup = 200ml)

2 cup Flour Mixture

2 cup Water

1 cup Kimchi

1/2Tbsp Gochujang (Red Pepper Paste)

1 cup Korean Chives

I used buchimgaru (Korean pancake mix). Add the salt and egg to batter, If you use flour.


1) Mix the flour, water and salt in a bowl.

2) Halve the batter into two bowls. Add and mix kimchi and Korean chives in each bowl.

3) Add oil to the heated pan, and pour both batters on half of the pan.

4) Cook both sides until golden and crispy. Done!

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