Kong-Guksu (Cold Bean Soup With Noodles)
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Today’s menu is Kong-Guksu. Kong-Guksu is a cold bean soup with noodles. My recipe is a traditional way. If too cumbersome, you can blend unsweetened soybean milk and tofu. Soybean milk and tofu are bean-based foods.

Ingredients for Bean Soup (2 served)

1cup Dried Soy Beans

1/2Tbsp Sesame Seeds (*optional)

2cup or 400ml Water

Thin Wheat Flour Noodles (jung-myeon or so-myeon, kongguksu-myeon)

Cucumber (topping)

Salt to taste


1) Wash and soak the beans in water overnight. For smoother soup, you can remove the bean skin. Usually remove the skin after the beans are boiled. But my mom removes the skin before boiling the beans. This makes the boiling process cleaner.

2) In a pot, put beans and water and boil for 12~15 minutes.

3) Rinse the beans and drain.

4) Blend cooked beans, sesame seeds and water.

5) Chill in the refrigerator. Any leftover soy milk can be refrigerated for 2-3 days.

6) Cook noodles in boiling water. Rinse the noodles and drain. In a bowl, serve noodles, kong-guk (bean soup), cucumber and sesame seeds. Add salt to taste.

Some regions season with sugar instead of salt. I used salt. Done!

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