Oven-Baked Chicken With Soy Sauce
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Today’s menu is a copycat oven-baked chicken inspired by Goobne, the Korean chicken brand. Koreans love to pair fried chicken with beer. We call it "chimaek." Shall we chimaek tonight? This recipe also is included in my book, Honeykki’s Delicious Table. Enjoy!


Cut whole chicken

Salt and Pepper

Marinade Sauce

5Tbsp Soy Sauce

1Tbsp Sugar

2Tbsp Starch Syrup

1Tbsp Olive Oil

3 Garlic Cloves


1) Wash and make cuts on the skin and poke with a fork to marinate quickly. Season with salt and pepper.

2) Blend soy sauce, sugar, starch syrup, olive oil and cloves of garlic and mix with the chicken. If you have herbs like rosemary, add them in.

3) Put the chicken in an airtight container or bag and rest for at least three hours.

4) Place the chicken on an oven grill pan grid, along with eggs covered with tin foil.

5) Preheat oven at 200℃ and bake chicken for 30~40 minutes. The baking time can vary depending on the size of the chicken and your oven. So keep an eye on it. Flip the chicken after 20 minutes to cook evenly.

6) Serve and ENJOY WITH BEER!

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