My Favorite Homemade Pancake Recipe
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Today’s menu is Homemade Pancakes. This is one of my favorite recipes. This pancake is so soft and fluffy, it feels like a cloud.

Ingredients (2 served)

2 Eggs

100g Sugar

150ml Milk

150g Cake Flour

1tsp Baking Powder

1Tbsp Vegetable Oil

Vanilla Extract


Powdered Sugar


Maple Syrup


1) Separate the eggs.

2) Add sugar (70g), milk, cake flour, baking powder, vanilla extract and oil to egg yolk and mix.

3) Add sugar (30g) to egg white and make hard meringue. Stiff peaks should form.

4) Fold in (2) to meringue.

5) Coat the pan with butter, add a blob of batter on the pan, cook on low heat. Once the bottom is cooked and golden, flip and cook the other side for 2~3 more minutes.

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