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Part 2 of Korean Kinship Terms introduces Korean expressions for "father," "mother," "grandmother," etc. Vocabulary: 아버지 ("a-beo-ji"; less formal: 아빠 ["a-ppa"]) = father; 어머니 ("eo-meo-ni"; less formal: 엄마["eom-ma"]) = mother; 부모님 ("bu-mo-nim") = parents; 할아버지 ("ha-ra-beo-ji") = grandfather; 할머니 ("hal-mo-ni") = grandmother; 외할아버지 ("oe-ha-ra-beo-ji") = mother's father; 외할머니 ("oe-hal-mo-ni") = mother's mother; 친할아버지 ("chin-ha-ra-beo-ji") = father's father; 친할머니 ("chin-hal-mo-ni") = father's mother; 삼촌 ("sam-chon") = uncle, father's brother who is not married; 큰 아빠 ("keu-na-beo-ji") = father's older brother who is married; 작은 아빠 ("ja-geu-na-beo-ji") = father's younger brother who is married; 고모 ("go-mo") = aunt, father's sister; 외삼촌 ("oe-sam-chon") = uncle, mother's brother 이모 ("e-mo") = aunt, mother's sister.

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