'Little Forest: Winter/Spring' Chapati & Chicken Curry
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I'm going to make Chapati & Chicken Curry, which was introduced in the movie "Little Forest: Winter/Spring." Chapati is a flat bread from India. I cooked it in the grill just like the movie and it was funny that swallowed inside the grill.

Ingredients for Chapati

100g Bread Flour

100g Whole Wheat Flour

3g Salt

100ml Water

Ingredients for Butter Chicken Curry

3Tbsp Butter

500g Chicken Drumstick Meat

4 Potatoes

Canned Chickpeas

2 Butter Chicken Curry Paste

2cups Water

I tried various ways to make chapati, but mixing bread flour with whole wheat flour was the best. Of course, it looked just like in the movie. Haha. You have to roll the chapati as thin as possible. Unless it's inside, it couldn't be cooked well enough. And before you put chapati in the grill, you should toast it a little on the pan to make things easier. I bought a product from iHerb for the Butter Chicken Curry, and it is my favorite. The can of chickpea is from Homeplus, but if you don't have the canned one, you can boil it yourself.

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