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Hello, this is Sweet The MI. In today's video, I'll be making a cute Pokémon cake: Diglett Nutella Cake! :) Hope you like it! Ingredients: 400g Eggs, 180g Sugar, 165g Cake Flour, 20g Cocoa Powder, 40g Melted Unsalted Butter, 40g Vegetable Oil, Cake Pans (15X4.5), Dome-Shaped Cake Pan (16X8), 700g Whipped Cream, 4Tbsp Nutella, 3Tbsp Cocoa Powder, and Food Coloring. Recipe -- 1) Preheat oven to 170C (340F). Prepare the cake pan line the bottom as well as side with parchment paper. 2) While whipping up the eggs graduallyl, add the sugar. 3) Lower the speed of electric hand whisk so the big air bubbles go away. 4) Pour cake flour and cocoa powder through a strainer then gently fold the flour and cocoa powder into the eggs. Don't over-beat; it should be smooth, light and somewhat airy. 5) Mix the little bit of batter with vegetable oil. 6) Then mix it gently with rest of the batter and once again don't over-beat it. 7) To remove the rest of the air bubbles in the batter, pour the batter from an elevated position to cake pans. 8) To make sure to remove the rest of the air bubbles, tap the bottom of cake pan a couple of times. 9) Bake in the preheated oven to 170C (340F) for 30 minutes, then allow the baked batter to cool down. It's better to wrap the cake using plastic food wrap, then cool it in the refrigerator overnight. 10) Slice the cake in half and save some crumbs from the cake. 11) Whip the fresh cream up to 80 percent, add the Nutella and cocoa powder, then whip it all the way. Before adding the Nutella and the cocoa powder, make sure to save some whipped cream (it's for the eyes, nose and mouth). You can make your cream a little harder by adding a little bit of vegetable oil. 12) Spread the whipped cream between the cakes and frost cake. 13) Using food coloring, make pink and black whipped cream and save some white cream also. 14) Using these colored cream, make Diglett's eyes, nose and mouth. 15) Pour the Nutella in the piping bag, then squeeze it around the cake. 16) Put the cake crumbs at the bottom as soil, then it's done!

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