Korean-Style Sweet Potato Cake
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Today, I’ll show you how to make Korean-Style Sweet Potato Cake. Generally, sweet potato cakes are iced with whipped cream and coated with powdered genoise. Sweet potato cake is my mom’s favorite cake! So moist, soft and sweet!

Ingredients (18cm Genoise)

3 Eggs (50g Yolk / 70g White)

120g Sugar

100g Cake Flour

30g Butter

30g Milk

Vanilla Extract

Sweet Potato Filling

5~6 Cooked Sweet Potatoes (700g)

100ml Heavy Cream

100g Milk

35g Sugar

35g Butter

Whipped Cream for Frosting

350ml Whipping Cream

30g Sugar

Sugar Syrup

Boil 1 part sugar in 2 parts water

Recipe for Sweet Potato Filling

1) In a pot, cook sweet potatoes until potatoes are completely soft.

2) Peel and mash while they are hot!

3) In a pot, add milk, heavy cream, sugar and butter. Boil until butter melts.

4) Add mashed sweet potatoes and mix well. If you want it smoother, blend using hand mixer or sift.

Recipe for Whipping Cream for Frosting

In a large bowl, whip the whipping cream and sugar


1) Cut the genoise into three layers.

2) Brush the syrup, spread sweet potato filling and repeat!

3) Ice the cake with whipped cream.

4) Coat with powdered genoise. Done!

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