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One person can have a tremendous impact on how you view your life.

Xiao Liang (Rain) is the CEO of the world’s largest diamond company. He is frugal, exact and very meticulous in the way he conducts his business and himself. He prefers to focus his energies on his work and believes that interpersonal relationships are a waste of his time. But when Xiao Liang meets Mi Dou (Tiffany Tang), this unexpected woman may change his entire worldview of his life and his work.

“Diamond Lover” is a 2015 Chinese drama series directed by Chen Ming Zhang. **This is a recut version of the original drama, which has reduced the number of episodes from 68 to 24 and has a happier ending than the originally aired drama.

8.1 (236 ratings)


Diamond Lover (Special Cut) Episode 1
Episode 1
EN 100% China
Diamond Lover (Special Cut) Episode 2
Episode 2
EN 100% China
Diamond Lover (Special Cut) Episode 3
Episode 3
EN 100% China
Diamond Lover (Special Cut) Episode 4
Episode 4
EN 100% China
Diamond Lover (Special Cut) Episode 5
Episode 5
EN 100% China
Diamond Lover (Special Cut) Episode 6
Episode 6
EN 100% China


Main Cast
Tiffany Tang
Main Cast
Luo Jin
Main Cast

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