Cheonggukjang (Rich Soybean Paste Stew)
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Today’s menu is Cheonggukjang, a pungent Korean soybean paste stew. It looks similar to doenjang (soybean paste stew), but cheonggukjang has a stronger aroma and ferments quicker than doenjang. You will have to vent the house all day if you make it! So, people either love it or hate it in Korea. I used my mom’s homemade cheonggukjang. You can find it ready-made in your local Korean market.

Ingredients (2 served)

100g Cheonggukjang

150g Tofu

1/2cup Kimchi

1/3 Zucchini

Onion (a small amount)

Green Onion

300ml Rice Water (I used water from washing rice) or Anchovy and Kelp Stock

1/4Tbs Red Pepper Powder

1/4Tbsp Chopped Garlic

Salt and Soy Sauce to taste


1) Dice the tofu and cut the all of the vegetable into bite-sized pieces.

2) Pour the rice water in ttukbaegi (earthen pot) or pot. Bring to boil, add cheonggukjang.

3) Add zucchini, kimchi, onion, garlic and red pepper powder and keep boiling.

4) Add tofu, green onion and salt, soy sauce to taste and boil for about 3~5 minutes.

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