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Can love mend all wounds?

Qiao Kai Teng (Patrick Lee) and Qiao Xi Ming (Jolin Chien) are brothers who lead very different lives. Kai Teng gave up his dreams of becoming a national champion athlete in order to provide for his family and now works as a plumber.

The younger Xi Ming was able to finish his education and became a famous lawyer. Kai Teng meets the cold and aloof Su Liang Yun (Esther Huang), a prosecutor.

Xi Ming meets Xu Bao Qi (Vera Yen), a woman who may have the answers to his lost memories from traumatic events 10 years ago. Can these women help the brothers heal the wounds of their painful pasts?

“Just for You” is a 2017 Taiwanese drama series.

9.3 (32 ratings)


Episode 14
EN 0% Taiwan
Just for You Episode 13
Episode 13
EN 12% Taiwan
Just for You Episode 12
Episode 12
EN 14% Taiwan
Just for You Episode 11
Episode 11
EN 12% Taiwan
Just for You Episode 10
Episode 10
EN 20% Taiwan
Just for You Episode 9
Episode 9
EN 90% Taiwan




Jolin Chien
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Vera Yen
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Patrick Lee
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Esther Huang
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