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Is the educational system failing students who can’t get the top grades or have the wealth to buy their way through the brutal system? Ra Eun Ho (Kim Sejeong) realizes all too painfully that her high school doesn’t support students like her who don’t have the grades, wealth or connections. Despite her low school ranking, she still dreams of using her talents as a webtoon artist to get into Korea University to be with the boy she likes. Her best friend, Oh Sa Rang (Park Se Wan), is the daughter of the school janitor. She already knows that college is not a realistic goal for her so she already has her mind set to studying for the civil service exam. Despite having a lower ranking than Eun Ho, the moody Hyun Tae Won (Kim Jung Hyun) has a wealthy father who is an investor in the high school. So teachers look the other way in the face of Tae Won’s bad behavior and poor school performance. The children of wealthy families get the best education that money can buy, with expensive study materials, private tutors and cram schools. But Song Dae Hwi (Jang Dong Yoon) is No. 1 in his class, despite being poor and having an alcoholic mother who does little to help him. He is forced to tutor other rich kids like Kim Hui Chan (Kim Hee Chan) for the money, while the beautiful Hong Nam Joo (Seol In Ah) seems to be dating him just to get his study notes. When a mysterious student starts causing trouble at the high school, Eun Ho is wrongly blamed. Can she catch the real culprit to clear her own name so that she can still strive to go to college? “School 2017” is a South Korean drama series directed by Park Jin Suk. It is the seventh installment of the popular school-based series, following “School 1” (1999), “School 2” (1999-2000), “School 3” (2000-2001), “School 4” (2001-2002), “School 2013” (2012-2013) and “Who Are You: School 2015” (2015).

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School 2017 Episode 1
Episode 1
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School 2017 Episode 2
Episode 2
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School 2017 Episode 3
Episode 3
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School 2017 Episode 4
Episode 4
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School 2017 Episode 5
Episode 5
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School 2017 Episode 6
Episode 6
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