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How often do you order food delivery? A lot of countries have food delivery services, but it’s exceptionally convenient to order food on the phone or in an app in Korea. Teacher Kyeong Eun will tell you her story at a slow pace. You also can take our new video course with six stories in it and learn through detailed explanations!

This video course is for beginner learners who want to improve their vocabulary and intermediate learners who want to improve their Korean listening/reading comprehension and understanding of complex sentence structures.

Inside the course, you will listen to six interesting stories that are told at a relatively slow pace, and then in each of the lesson videos that accompany the stories, all the sentences will be broken down and explained in detail.

▷▶︎ The topics for the stories ◀︎◁

Story 1: 김밥 - Gimbap (Picnic Food)

Story 2: 카페 - Cafe

Story 3: 학원 - Cram School

Story 4: 생일 - Birthday

Story 5: 배달 음식 - Food Delivery

Story 6: 유행 -Trends

The course contains six story videos in Korean (with Korean and English subtitles in closed caption), six lesson videos (about 30 minutes each) and an e-book where you can read the complete set of transcripts and translations.

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