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Korean sentences used in this video:

Kyung Hwa is holding a pink umbrella in her right hand.

경화 씨는 오른손에 분홍색 우산을 들고 있어요.

She is supporting her body with her right foot and is holding up her left foot behind her.

오른발로 몸을 지탱하고 있고, 왼발은 뒤로 들고 있어요.

Kyung Hwa is wearing gray running shoes and is wearing a gray jacket.

경화 씨는 회색 운동화를 신고 있고, 회색 자켓을 입고 있어요.

Perhaps because of the wind, Kyung Hwa's hair is being blown away.

바람 때문인지 경화 씨 머리카락이 날리고 있어요.

Kyung Hwa is holding an umbrella, but it doesn't seem like it's either raining or snowing.

경화 씨가 우산을 들고 있기는 하지만, 지금 비나 눈이 오는 것 같지는 않아요.

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