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In how many ways can you describe this photo? You can find the key sentences and translations for this video below:

Key Sentences

이 건물은 4층까지 있어요.

= This building is four-stories tall.

맨윗층에 두 사람이 보이는데, 난간에 기대어 서 있어요.

= You can see two people on the top floor standing and leaning against the handrail.

왼쪽에 보이는 가게는 한쪽 벽이 전부 유리로 되어 있어요.

= The store on the left side has one side of the wall made entirely of glass.

건물 곳곳에는 CCTV가 설치되어 있어요.

= There are CCTVs installed in various parts of the building.

가게들 안에는 대체로 조명이 많이 설치되어 있어서 밤에도 밝을 것 같아요.

= There are many lights installed in stores overall, so it looks like it will be bright even at night.

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