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How far will a woman go to help out her twin sister? Cha Sun Hee and Cha Do Hee are identical twin sisters whose lives are turned upside down when their father, a decorated police officer, dies while stopping a woman from being attacked. Both Sun Hee and Do Hee win scholarships to attend college as flight attendant majors, but they can no longer afford college for both sisters. Although the sweet Sun Hee ranked No. 1 on the admissions exam, she steps aside so that the more ambitious Do Hee can pursue her career instead. The sisters become estranged as they begin to lead very different lives. The ambitious Do Hee goes on to become a model flight attendant for a major airline and begins to play some dangerous games with some powerful people to get ahead. Sun Hee settles into married life with Bong Chun Dae and her daughter, Cho Rong, while working odd jobs to support her family. But the twin’s lives intersect again when Do Hee is attacked by a mysterious man and undergoes emergency surgery. She begs Sun Hee to take her place at an important meeting the following day at the airport. As Sun Hee steps into her sister’s shoes as a flight attendant, she finds herself in way over her head. Can she fake her way through the job and survive the embarrassing interactions with pilot Song Woo Jin without anyone finding out the truth?

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Ryu Soo Young
Main Cast
Lee Da Hae
Main Cast
An Woo Yeon
Main Cast
Yoon Se Ah
Supporting Cast

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