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Situated in the present in a fantasy depiction of Korea under the rule of a constitutional monarchy at the height of its turmoil, an exuberant and aspiring musical actress marries the emperor. Soon she discovers within the Royal Family of its corruption and secrets and becomes entangled in its struggle to lead. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a man who is a bodyguard for the Royal Family, working only to get revenge against them. Armed with only her pure love for the justice of humanity and a bulldozer like passion, she escapes from their false conviction of murder, resolves public welfare, recaptures the people's respect, and finds her true love. Together they fight the absolute power of the palace until it crumbles.

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The Last Empress Episode 1
Episode 1
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The Last Empress Episode 2
Episode 2
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The Last Empress Episode 3
Episode 3
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The Last Empress Episode 4
Episode 4
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The Last Empress Episode 5
Episode 5
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The Last Empress Episode 6
Episode 6
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Shin Sung Rok
Main Cast
Jang Nara
Main Cast
Choi Jin Hyuk
Main Cast
Shin Eun Kyung
Supporting Cast

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