Badarn Jai
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The drama starts with Tor (Aum) asking his girlfriend, Auey to go home with him in Thailand. Auey declined so the two got in the argument. Next thing you know Auey fell off from the building landing in front of of Tor's car. This made Tor lost his zest for life. While Margie's character, Perng, is a girl who have the stubborn characteristics of not being able to accept 'no'. Their first meeting was when Perng went to Bangkok and was victimized by robber. Luckily Tor was there to rescue her. Because of Tor's unclean look Perng did not realized that Tor is the guy she has been admiring since she was young. She just known this when their families meet up (Perng's mother and Tor's mother are bestfriends).

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Badarn Jai Episode 1 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 1 (Part 1)
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Badarn Jai Episode 2 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 2 (Part 1)
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Badarn Jai Episode 3 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 3 (Part 1)
EN 0% Thailand
Badarn Jai Episode 4 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 4 (Part 1)
EN 0% Thailand
Badarn Jai Episode 5 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 5 (Part 1)
EN 0% Thailand
Badarn Jai Episode 6 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 6 (Part 1)
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