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How many ways are there to strike it rich? Choi Suk Bong (Ji Hyun Woo) wants to find just one. Suk Wong lives in a small rooftop room but somehow is convinced that he is the heir to a business conglomerate, which is known as a chaebol in Korea. So as he works a menial job as houseboy in a hotel, he studies diligently to prepare to become a chaebol successor. He meets Lee Shin Mi (Lee Bo Young), who really is an heiress to a chaebol, but you would never know it by the way she lives frugally, using only sample cosmetics and drinking cheap coffee from vending machines. But can Shin Mi help Suk Bong achieve the wealth and status that he seeks? “Birth of a Rich Man,” also known as “Becoming a Billionaire,” is a 2010 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Jin Suh. The series garnered Lee Si Young the Newcomer Actress Award at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards for her role as the chaebol successor Boo Tae Hee.
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Birth of a Rich Man Episode 1
Episode 1
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Birth of a Rich Man Episode 2
Episode 2
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Birth of a Rich Man Episode 3
Episode 3
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Birth of a Rich Man Episode 4
Episode 4
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Birth of a Rich Man Episode 5
Episode 5
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Birth of a Rich Man Episode 6
Episode 6
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Ji Hyun Woo
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Lee Bo Young
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Namgoong Min
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Lee Si Young
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