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There’s nothing quite like falling in love with the same man to tear two close sisters apart. Hao An Qi (Yang Mi) and Hao An Na (Guo Zhen Ni) are adopted sisters who grew up very closely as they both aspired for a future in the fashion industry. But their close relationship is fractured when they both fall in love with Liu Chen Xi (Feng Shao Feng). An Na goes to Shanghai to study and becomes a successful fashion model. An Qi struggles working as a cleaner but is encouraged by fashion designer Zhao Tian You (Zhang Lun Shuo) to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. When An Qi and An Na meet up again on the runway, what will happen to their contentious relationship? “Symphony of Fate” is a 2011 Chinese drama series directed by Ke Han Chen. It is the Chinese adaptation of the 2010 South Korean drama series “Cinderella’s Sister.”

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Symphony of Fate Episode 1
Episode 1
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Symphony of Fate Episode 2
Episode 2
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Symphony of Fate Episode 3
Episode 3
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Symphony of Fate Episode 4
Episode 4
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Symphony of Fate Episode 5
Episode 5
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Symphony of Fate Episode 6
Episode 6
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Feng Shao Feng
Main Cast
Yang Mi
Main Cast
Chi Shuai
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Guo Zhen Ni
Main Cast

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Ending: Symphony of Fate Fan Video
Opening: Symphony of Fate Fan Video
MV: Symphony of Fate Fan Video
Trailer: Symphony of Fate Fan Video


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