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One of the best modern-day physicians learns how to be a real doctor when he is transported back in time 150 years and forced to work and survive in the Joseon Dynasty. Dr. Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Heon) comes from a long line of doctors and goes to medical school and graduates at the top of his class as the youngest doctor. He now is a renowned neurosurgeon and head of the neurosurgery department at his hospital. He also is in love with Dr. Yoo Min Ah (Park Min Young), an internist, who is left in a coma after a tragic car accident. The heartbroken Hyuk falls into a time warp that transports him back to the Joseon period. There, he meets Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young), the feisty daughter of a declining noble family, who bears a striking resemblance to Min Ah. He also must contend with Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jaejoong), the illegitimate son of the most powerful family and a renowned military officer, and Lee Ha Eung (Lee Beom Soo), who is hiding his true noble identity and living among gangsters to avoid assassination attempts on his life. As Jin Hyuk tries to practice medicine in a more primitive era, he is forced to invent medical devices and use his ingenuity to heal the people around him. But why was he transported in time and will he be able to return to the modern time period? “Dr. Jin,” also known as “Time Slip Dr. Jin,” is a 2012 South Korean television drama, directed by Han Hee, which is based on the manga “Jin” by Motoka Murakami.

8.7 (192 の評価)


Dr. Jin エピソード 1
エピソード 1
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Lee Beom Soo
Park Min Young
Kim Jaejoong
Song Seung Heon



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"Will You" by Zia - OST Part 2 Track 1: Dr. Jin ファンビデオ
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Preview 2: Dr. Jin ファンビデオ
"Living Like A Dream" by Jaejoong - OST Part 1 Track 1: Dr. Jin ファンビデオ