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A South Korean writer, looking for inspiration for her second novel, visits her best friend in Vietnam to investigate a local legend about a beautiful girl who died tragically 100 years ago and haunts people from beyond the grave.

Yoon Hee (Jo An) is feeling pressure from her editor to come up with a subject for her second book because it’s been three years since her first book was published. When her best friend, Seo Yeon (Cha Ye Ryun), calls from Vietnam, where she has been living for several years, she tells Yoon Hee about a local legend of a haunted portrait.

The story goes that 100 years ago, there lived a girl named Muoi (Anh Thu), who was ostracized by society and led a lonely existence. But she grew up into an amazing beauty and fell in love with a handsome painter named Nguyen (Binh Minh). But a wealthy girl (Hong Anh) also was in love with Nguyen, so she had Muoi’s ankle broken and acid poured on her face out of jealousy.

The devastated and disfigured Muoi hanged herself and returned as a ghost seeking vengeance. Village monks were able to capture her evil spirit and trap it in a portrait of Muoi.

When Yoon Hee begins to research the legend, strange events start to occur. She discovers too late that her friend Seo Yeon may be linked Muoi’s vengeful spirit and lured her to Vietnam for a reason other than her book.

“Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait” is a 2007 South Korean/Vietnamese horror film directed by Kim Tae Kyeong. It is credited for being the second horror film to be released in Vietnam and the first to receive a rating.

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