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“Kinship,” also known as “Blood Relation,” is a classic 1963 South Korean film directed by Kim Soo Yong. The film was adapted from a play written by Kim Young Soo and won many awards, including best film and best screenplay both at the Bell Awards and the Blue Dragon Awards. On a border mountain slope, defectors from North Korea try to eek out a measly living selling cheap knickknacks. Geo Buk (Shin Seong Il) faces pressure from his father, Kim Duk Sam (Kim Seung Ho), to go work for the U.S. military base, while Bok Soon (Um Aing Ran) is being taught traditional Korean folksongs by her mother, Hwang Jung Soon, to prepare her to become a gisaeng. But Geo Buk and Bok Soon are determined to better their lives by finding employment in a textile factory and be finally free to love each other. The film realistically reflects the lives of the lower classes at the time and the problem of inter-generational conflict, the shift from the traditional, conservative views and imposed hierarchy to the new post war optimism, new industrialization and the opportunities to benefit, the Korean people's relationship with it's main ally, America and the changing attitudes of youth.

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