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In the hallway of the hotel rooms Villanueva, Valentina and Orestes are separated at the indignant look of Olympia, who forbids them that kind of gestures at home. Now alone, Orestes - resigned - I give you a goodnight kiss his beautiful fat. Valentina sighs excited to believe that the young man his due. This gives strength to endure the bad times that happens there. The next day, Terr Terr available to pawn all her clothes, to the astonishment of her friends. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Valentina Elena promises, Ninfa and Nereida fulfill their desires, after he is given his inheritance. In the garden, Roman Ariadna apologizes for the joke he did to Orestes. Her to forgive him, he asks in return that is crowned queen of the club. He accepts smiling. While breakfast, Benigno instructs Elena make the special juice to Orestes. Valentina is available immediately. Elena looks strangely much interest. Olimpia bursts in Achilles, I waking violently. On the outside, Pandora listening alarmed discussion.

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