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Lady Choi Sook Bin, born a lowly commoner, enters the royal palace as a slave maid and quickly rises to become a royal concubine, catching the eye of and quickly winning favor from King Sook Jong because of her warm heart, wit and intellect. Lady Choi’s son, Prince Yeoning, grows up in the palace. She carefully protects her son from all the political infighting and treacherous events of the royal court, making sure he is well educated and wise. She deftly grooms him to become the next king. “Dong Yi” is a 2010 South Korean historical drama series directed by Lee Byung Hoon, who also directed “Jewel in the Palace” (2003) and Kim Sang Hyub. The series is based on the historical character of Consort Suk, who lived during the reign of King Sook Jong in the Chosun Dynasty. The series swept all the major awards, including the Grand Prize, during the 2010 MBC Drama Awards.

Genres: Romance, Korean Drama, Costume & Period, Biography, Drama
Country: Korea
Original title: 동이
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 2010-03-22 to 2010-10-12
Rating: PG-13
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