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Some women are unapologetic about choosing their careers over love. Shan Wu Shuang (Cheryl Yang), at 33, has always put her schoolwork and her career above her romantic relationships, rising to become a top editor at iFound magazine. Although she almost married Leslie Sung (James Wen), a famous photographer, a misunderstanding led to both choosing their work over their relationship. Then Wu Shuang meets 25-year-old Lucas (Ethan Ruan), who was an outstanding medical student until the death of his girlfriend led to him being expelled for low grades. He now works part-time as an assistant at the magazine under the watchful eye of his former girlfriend’s sister, Han Jia Jia (Yang Ya Zhu), a trainee at the magazine. Can Wu Shuang and Lucas have a future together despite their eight-year age difference? “Queen of No Marriage,” also known as “My Queen,” is a 2009 Taiwanese drama series directed by Lin Qing Zhen.

Country: Taiwan
Rating: PG-13