A female bodyguard decides she wants to leave the business that she’s been trained for all her life after her next assignment. Zhen Ai Jia (Summer Meng) grew up in a military family and has trained all her life to become a bodyguard who lives by her sense of responsibility, loyalty and honor. But a woman at heart, Ai Jia wants to lead a more normal life and possibly meet someone and settle down. She decides that she will take one last assignment and then leave her line of work. But what she didn’t expect was someone like He Zhong Qi (Alien Huang), the CEO of the Run-Zhi Motor Company, as her last client. Will Ai Jia be able to stick to her life plan after crossing paths with Zhong Qi? “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard” is a 2012 Taiwanese drama series directed by Feng Kai.

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Romanized title
Sheng Nv Bao Biao
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2012-07-31 to 2012-11-26
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