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Earth has turned into a desert in the distant future. Sam, a sand pirate boy who lives in a sea of sand, searches for a mysterious gigantic moving object "OZMA", to avenge his brother. One day, Sam encounters a sand yacht being chased by Theseus, army of Cloned Human IC(Ideal Children). Sam saves a girl who gets thrown off the yacht as it overturns when a gigantic object suddenly appears with a blast of sand. In bringing her back to the Sand Pirate ship, Bardanos, she reveals her name as Maya.

Genres: SciFi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Anime
Original title: 松本零士「オズマ」
Country: Japan
Volunteer Channel Team: Team Ozma The volunteer team (people just like you!) that has written the subtitles on these videos. Want to join the fun? Contact the Channel Manager!
Broadcast Network: WOWOW
Broadcast Period: 2012-03-17 to 2012-04-21
Rating: PG-13