Alien Huang


Alien Huang is the stage name of Xiao Gui, a popular Taiwanese singer and actor. Born on November 28, 1983, he went by the English name Harry in elementary school and Janson in high school but eventually chose “Alien” because he wanted to be an “indefinable and unique character” like aliens. Alien Huang began his career with the boy bands HC2 and Cosmo, both of which disbanded after their debuts. He has since been a prolific solo artist and a successful television host, best known for hosting the Taiwanese variety show “100% Entertainment” since 2005. He made his acting debut in 2002 and has starred in many popular films and television dramas, including “KO One” (2005), “Corner With Love” (2007), “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard” (2012) and “Lovestore at the Corner” (2014). The talented star is founder and designer of AES, which stands for Alien Evolution Studio, a popular clothing brand that launched in 2008. He also has published three illustration books.

Image via UPlus Weekly