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Not just K-pop: Korean TV shows gaining US popularity

Viki has both original and licensed content from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan and subscribers around the globe.

Associated Press

Korean dramas wow new fans in the U.S.

K-pop isn't the only entertainment export from Korea, Korean TV is also gaining fans in the U.S.


The K-Drama Renaissance

South Korea has quietly become Hollywood’s biggest competitor, churning out wildly popular music, TV dramas, and beauty and fashion trends with global appeal.


Rakuten Viki Collection Explores The Meaning of Asian-American Culture (EXCLUSIVE)

Oscar-winning “Minari” and Awkwafina-starring “The Farewell” head a slew of additional titles at streaming service Rakuten Viki that aim to capture the Asian American experience.


Rakuten Viki’s Slate Of Original Productions Continues To Grow

A sizable bump in the international popularity of Korean dramas has prompted streaming channels to seek a competitive edge by producing original Korean dramas exclusive to their platforms, in addition to streaming licensed content produced by Korean cable and terrestrial TV stations.


Asian Content Streamer Rakuten Viki Adds Transactional VOD in North America (EXCLUSIVE)

Rakuten Viki, a streaming platform specializing in Asian content and fan-generated sub-titles, is launching a transactional VOD function in North America.


A Newbie’s Guide To K-Dramas

Historical epics. Fantasy tales. Romantic comedies. Novela-style sitcoms. K-dramas do it all, and they do it flawlessly.


You're Seriously Missing Out If You Haven't Watched These 33 K-Dramas And Movies On Viki

BRB, rewatching Strong Woman Do Bong-soon for the hundredth time.


The Best K-Dramas of All Time

If you're not watching Korean dramas, better known as K-dramas, then you're missing out in several ways.

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