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Exclusive: Japan's Rakuten Acquires Viki Video Site for $200 Million

Crowdsourced premium video site gets bought for global expansion by the Amazon of Japan.

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Viki CEO Hovaghimian on Video Translation Site

Razmig Hovaghimian, chief executive officer of Viki, talks about the company's online distribution of translated television and video materials.


Viki Unlocks The Other 85% Of Television

I think Viki's real power is as a content pipe sending shows to bigger players that it has unlocked from behind the language barrier.


Andreessen Horowitz, BBC, Greylock Put $20M In International Video Site Viki

What's interesting about Viki is that the model allows content owners to open up to new international markets.


Singapore Start-up Sees Gold Mine In Foreign Language TV

Viki, the Singapore-based web startup pools the linguistic talents of thousands of its users to help push world television content into markets historically impenetrable to all...

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Viki: Making online video speak in tongues

Their efforts enable Viki to bring the videos to markets outside their home countries and develop an international fan base...

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Boom Tube: How Viki Is Creating The Global Hulu

Viki's community, which includes tens of thousands of people around the world, operates much the way Wikipedia's does.


Global video site Viki moves into music, inks deals with Warner Music and other labels

Viki provides an opportunity to extend their reach and monetisation into these global markets, with the subtitling a particularly effective method...


Click for Viki TV

Over a billion videos viewed and nearly 250 million words translated, Viki uniquely brings global prime-time entertainment...


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