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Viki launches its streaming service in Portuguese, Targets Brazil

Apuntando a ofrecer una experiencia más personalizada a sus usuarios en Brasil y otras regiones de habla portuguesa ...

Tv latina

Viki Signs Deal with Top Chinese Producer Huace

Viki inks deal with top Chinese producer Huace Group, solidifying position as #1 international source for streaming Chinese content.

Television asia

The Power of Pop Culture in “Reply 1988”

A few episodes into the Korean drama series “Reply 1988,” a slacker schoolgirl named Deok-sun and her rascal pal Dong-ryong show off their language skills.

The new yorker

Viki Feature in Future of Television Edition: Why Korean Dramas Are the Best Export Since ‘Gangnam Style’

What's next for the team behind "The Walking Dead"? Skybound Entertainment is working on a show about a family coping with the knowledge that a meteor ...

Advertising age

Korean Web Series ‘Dramaworld’ Captures Huge International Following

Around the world, especially in Asia, Korean TV dramas have a huge and sometimes obsessive following.

Cctv america

“Descendants of the Sun” Translated on 30 Languages on Viki

(서울=연합뉴스) 윤고은 기자 = 중국만이 아니다. 미주 지역에서도 터졌다.

Yonhap news agency

'Dramaworld' Mixes Cultures, Introduces Korean Dramas to Fresh Audience

It's easy for viewers to get absorbed into their favorite TV shows, sometimes to the point where they feel as if they're a part of that world.

Nbc news

Foreigners translate the subtitles of their favorite Chinese TV series

An avid fan of Chinese TV dramas, 37-year-old Maja from Poland always carries a 500-gigabyte portable hard drive with her - be it on a family trip or a business trip.

Global times

How Rakuten's Viki plans to grow its global streaming service

Global video streaming service Viki, owned by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, wants to get more people ...

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