Jang Na Ra


Jang Na Ra is a South Korean singer and actress known for her work both in Korea and China. Born on March 18, 1981, she made her debut as a singer in 2001. She released many popular albums that produced many No. 1 songs, including her most popular song “Sweet Dream” from her second album. Jang Na Ra also became very popular in China, and she released several Chinese-language albums and also was the only star from a non-Chinese-speaking country to sing the 2008 Summer Olympics song “Beijing Welcomes You.” Jang Na Ra’s acting career has enjoyed just as much success as her singing career. After making her acting debut in the 2001 television sitcom “New Nonstop,” she has starred in many popular films and television dramas, including “Baby-Faced Beauty” (2011), “School 2013” (2012) and “Fated to Love You (aka You Are My Destiny)” (2014). Jang Na Ra’s father is actor Ju Heo Seong.

Image via NaraJJang.com