Lee Chun Hee


Lee Chun Hee is a South Korean actor. Born on February 19, 1979, he made his acting debut in the 2003 film “A Good Lawyer’s Wife.” He has since starred in many popular films and television dramas, including “Smile, You” (2009), “Gloria” (2010), “Take Care of Us, Captain” (2012), “Master’s Sun” (2013) and “I Remember You” (2015). Lee Chun Hee has appeared on many variety shows, including being a cast member of “Family Outing” (2008-2009), “Adrenaline” (2012) and “Law of the City in New York” (2014). He also hosted “Super Company: The Next K-Design” (2014-2015). Lee Chun Hee married actress Jeon Hye Jin, his co-star in the drama “Smile, You,” in 2011.

Image via Marie Claire