Kang Ji Hwan


Kang Ji Hwan is a popular South Korean actor. Born on March 20, 1977, as Jo Tae Gyu, he began his career in musical theatre in 2001 in such popular productions as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Grease.” Starting in 2003, he took on his stage name Kang Ji Hwan when he began appearing in television dramas. It was his role in the 2005 drama “Be Strong, Geum Soon!” that catapulted him to fame across Asia. He has since starred in many popular films and television series, including the 2008 film “Rough Cut” as well as his roles in the popular television dramas “My Girlfriend Is an Agent” (2009), “Coffee House” (2010), “Lie to Me” (2011), “Incarnation of Money” (2013) and “Big Man” (2014).

Image via The Celebrity