Yang Mi


Yang Mi is a Chinese actress and singer who was ranked seventh on the China Celebrity List by Forbes China in 2014 and was named Influential Woman of the Year at the 2015 Women’s Media Awards. Born on September 12, 1986, Yang Mi also goes by the name Mimi Yang. She made her acting debut at the age of 4 when she appeared in the historical television drama “Tang Ming Huang” in 1990. After a few other roles, Yang Mi focused on her studies until she returned to acting in 2004. She rose to fame with her role in the 2006 television drama “The Return of the Condor Heroes” and has since starred in many popular films and dramas, including “Palace” (2011), “Beijing Love Story” (2012), “Clear Midsummers Night” (2013), “Legend of the Ancient Sword” (2014) and “The Micro Era of Love” (2014). Yang Mi married Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau in 2014 and her father-in-law is actor Lau Don.

Image via Grazia