Ghost Messenger

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The dangerous underworld is policed by ghost messengers who use their shape-shifting cell phones to maintain order and go after bad guys. While hunting a dangerous spirit, Master Kang Rim (voiced by Park Sung Tae) accidentally gets trapped inside his cell phone. That cell phone falls into the hands of Little Kang Rim (voiced by Eun Jung), a 12-year-old boy who lives with his grandfather, who owns an antique store. Little Kang Rim has the unique ability to see spirits, and he finds himself pulled into service to help Master Kang Rim. With the help of Bari (Yang Jung Hwa), Master Kang Rim’s commander, can LIttle Kang Rim sets things right with the underworld? “Ghost Messenger” is a 2014 South Korean animated movie directed by Gu Bong Hue.