Buddies in India

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It was not the kind of trip they thought it was going to be. Tang Sen (Bai Ke) is the heir of a wealthy tycoon who owns the Bao Tang Property Group. Sen’s dying father sends him to India to retrieve his will. The old man coerces Wu Kong (Wang Bao Qiang), a money-strapped monkey trainer with passable martial arts skills, to serve as Sen’s bodyguard on the trip. With one outlandish incident after another, Sen and Kong barely reach their final destination, only to face an assassin sent by Sen’s uncle once they get there. Can Kong keep Sen alive long enough to accomplish their mission and find out the true reason they were sent there in the first place? “Buddies in India” is a 2017 Chinese film directed by and starring Wang Bao Qiang, a comedian and actor in his directorial debut.