A Special Lady

Special Lady, Dear Lady, Precious Woman
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Is it possible to leave the world of crime behind? Na Hyun Jung (Kim Hye Soo) is a former prostitute who worked her way to up the No. 2 position in a powerful crime organization. Im Sang Hoon (Lee Sun Gyun) is Hyun Jung’s loyal strongman who will do any dirty work for her. Choi Dae Sik (Lee Hee Joon), a tough prosecutor, is tricked into a corner by Hyun Jung and forced to help her grow her crime ring into a powerful business enterprise. When Hyun Jung betrays Sang Hoon, he becomes a pawn for Dae Sik to exact revenge and escape Hyun Jung’s grasp. When Hyun Jung’s biggest secret, that she gave birth to a son while serving time in prison, comes to light, she must use all her energy to protect her son from all her enemies. Can she save a son who doesn’t even know she exists while she also desperately tries to figure out an exit strategy from her dangerous life? “A Special Lady” is a 2017 South Korean film directed by Lee An Gyu.