My Last Love

My Remaining Love, The Love That's Left


Sometimes it takes a crisis to discover what’s really important in life. Kim Bong Yong (Sung Ji Ru) has a horrible boss who forces him to work late, go drinking after work, and then take him home every night. Bong Yong’s long-suffering wife, Hwa Yeon (Jeon Mi Sun), begs him to spend more time with his family. But Bong Yong’s twin teenagers, Woo Joo (Hongseok) and Dal Nim (Kwon So Hyun), becomes emotionally distant because of his frequent absences. His youngest daughter, Byeol Nim (Lee Ye Won), is the only person who still shows kindness to Bong Yong. But will it take a crisis to bring Bong Yong and his family together? “My Last Love” is a 2017 South Korean film directed by Jin Kwang Kyo.