Star: Radiant Love

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An accidental meeting leads to an unexpected love scandal. Romi (Hwan Hee) is a top K-pop star. After a collaboration performance in Japan with Min Jung (Kang Hae In), Romi is back in his dressing room when Ara (Kim Soo Yeon) accidentally wanders in looking for her friend Min Jung. Ara has spent the last 15 years studying in the United States and has no idea who Romi is. Although Romi is dating Muse (Kang Yo Hwan), he feels an instant attraction to the wholesome Ara. Troublemaker Susie (Choo So Young) uses this to her advantage to cause a major scandal. Can Romi survive the trouble that is about to befall him? “Star: Radiant Love” is a 2012 South Korean film directed by Han Sang Hee.