The Star Next Door

The Star Nextdoor, Neighbor Star
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How hard is it to keep a secret out of the spotlight when you’re a top star? Hye Mi (Han Chae Young) is an A-list celebrity whose every move is photographed and published in the tabloids. But she has managed to hide the fact that she is a single mother of So Eun (Jin Ji Hee), a high school student who lives next door to her. Hye Mi and So Eun bicker their way through their complicated mother-daughter relationship, but it becomes even more strained when Hye Mi gets caught up in a dating scandal with famous idol Ji Hoon (Im Seulong). So Eun is in love with Ji Hoon and doesn’t want her mother to be dating him.   With the paparazzi watching her every move, can Hye Mi keep her biggest secret from the public? “The Star Next Door” is a 2017 South Korean film directed by Kim Sung Wook.