The Table


At the same table in a café in Seoul, four different women meet four different people to hold some difficult conversations that provide a glimpse into their complicated lives. Yoo Jin (Jung Yu Mi) is a famous actress who is contacted by her former boyfriend, Chang Suk (Jung Joon Won), and asked to meet up again at a café. As Chang Suk tries to get Yoo Jin to admit that they were “more than just friends,” Yoo Jin begins to wonder what his ulterior motive is for wanting to reconnect with her. Kyung Jin (Jung Eun Chae) reconnects with Min Ho (Jeon Sung Woo), an aimless man who suddenly vanished after she slept with him a long time ago. Min Ho has returned from a long trip to India but offers no explanation for his behavior in the past. Eun Hee (Han Ye Ri) meets with Sook Hee (Kim Hye Ok) with an usual proposition. Eun Hee wants to hire Sook Hee to portray her mother at Eun Hee’s upcoming wedding. Hye Kyung (Im Soo Jung) is preparing for her upcoming wedding. But she meets with her ex-boyfriend, Woon Chul (Yeon Woo Jin), to suggest that they have a final fling before she ties the knot. “The Table” is a 2017 South Korean film written and directed by Kim Jong Kwan.