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What would you do to save your younger sister’s life? When a North Korean spy fails to complete his mission in South Korea, his children, Myung Hoon (T.O.P) and Hye In (Kim Yoo Jung), are sent to a North Korean labor prison camp. High-ranking military official Colonel Moon Sang Chul (Jo Sung Ha) strikes a deal with 19-year-old Myung Hoon that he can’t refuse: infiltrate South Korea as a defector and kill a North Korean spy known as the Big Dipper (Jung Ho Bin) if he wants to save his sister’s life. When Myung Hoon arrives in South Korea as a teenage defector, he is taken in by a South Korean couple who are actually North Korean spies. He enrolls in high school and befriends Lee Hye In (Han Ye Ri), who has the same name as his younger sister, after he rescues her from bullies. As Myung Hoon tries to carry out his mission, political unrest in the North Korean government results in Myung Hoon suddenly becoming a liability to Colonel Moon. When an assassin is sent to kill Myung Hoon, can he survive and save his sister back home? “Commitment” is a 2013 South Korean film co-written and directed by Park Hong Soo.