Memories of the Sword

Female Warrior: Memories of the Sword
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A young girl’s destiny is with a sword. Three mighty warriors, Deok Gi (Lee Byung Hun), Seol Rang (Jeon Do Yeon) and Poong Chun (Bae Soo Bin), lead an uprising to fight for freedom from an incompetent king. But at the last minute, Deok Gi betrays them, leading to Poong Chun’s death. Deok Gi tries to persuade Seol Rang to join his side, but she flees with Poong Chun’s baby daughter, Hong Ee. Eighteen years later, Seol Rang goes by the name Wall So and is now blind and runs a tea house at the Byukran Port. She has been training Hong Ee, who now goes by the name Seol Hee (Kim Go Eun), to become a master of the sword so that she can avenge her father’s death. Deok Gi now goes by the name Yoo Baek and has become a powerful military ruler. When he hosts a sword competition in the market, Seol Hee participates in the match. Her fight with master swordsman Yull (Lee Junho) catches Yoo Baek’s attention because of her similar sword style to Woll So. Yoo Baek sends his men after Seol Hee but she manages to escape. Can Seol Hee take down one of the most powerful warriors of Goryo to fulfill her destiny of revenge? “Memories of the Sword” is a 2015 South Korean film co-written and directed by Park Heung Sik.